Babel X®

Discover and decipher geographically diverse, multilingual data into actionable insights in real time.

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What is Babel X

Our multilingual, geo-enabled, text-analytics platform is an industry-leading linguistics and text analytics tool and our flagship offering.

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Babel X enables teams to derive relevant insights by canvassing the world of publicly available and commercially available information across more than 200 languages and then filtering by a wide range of analytical lenses including geospatial, temporal, link analysis, public records search, sentiment, and topics of interest. All insights are presented on a single pane of glass for analysis and collaboration across teams.

How it Works


Conduct persistent cross-lingual search and discovery across multiple data sources with advanced statistical and crowd-sourcing techniques

Decipher relevant insights across 200+ languages with state-of-the-art, linguistics technology 

Perform sentiment analysis in 50+ major world languages

Filter by a wide range of variables including keywords, hashtags, language, authors, emojis, dates/times, regular expression

Conduct ad-hoc research for in-depth insight on entities 

Analyze themes, entities, and categories as well as detect relationships 

Power your mission by integrating all available data on a single platform

Use Cases

Global Situational Awareness

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Supply Chain Risk Management

Cyber Security

Public Relations