Babel Synthesis™

Automate network discovery and map unknown relationships and key influencers in minutes.

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Why Babel Synthesis

Babel Synthesis empowers teams with proactive and actionable insights on key influencers when deployed against network or relationship data.

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Babel Synthesis visualizes unstructured and relationship data, in a dozen analytic views such as sophisticated link analysis, geographic heat maps, influence-scored entity carousels, topic clouds, patterns by time and day, and communication trends/styles.

How It Works


Discover key influencers from hundreds of thousands of unexpected relationships 

Visualize relationship mapping and link analysis across more than a dozen analytic views

Identify critical nodes and influencers within a relationship network

Measure influence of key entities in the network

Reveal insights based on interests, activities, and affiliations

Understand emerging issues or events among prospective influencers

Use Cases

Intelligence / Counterintelligence

Public Relations

Insider Threat Detection

Information Operations

Executive & Employee Protection