Babel OASIS™

Automate entity enrichment and resolution at scale for more efficient risk management.

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Why Babel OASIS

Babel OASIS transforms a time-consuming, manual process into an automated, optimized workflow.

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How It Works


Discover a wealth of data in a single point of entry

Utilize a consistent language and data-informed method for standardized results format

Enrich search parameters for reduced noise and improved results

Increase depth with automated checks across 40+ domestic, international, and customer watchlists 

Decipher relevant insights across 200+ languages using robust slang and vernacular dictionaries

Decrease human data entry time and errors

Reduce the risk of unanswered questions or missing critical information

Use Cases

Continuous Evaluation

KYC/KYV Compliance

Insider Threat Detection

Trade & Entry Enforcement

Event & Venue Protection