Babel Channels®

Stay informed of unfolding situations around the world with curated feeds to inform action.

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Why Babel Channels

Babel Channels pushes alerts of major interest and emerging concern to customers in real-time, including breaking news, disease outbreaks, mass casualty attacks, natural disasters, terror events, transportation incidents, market and economic drivers and special events.

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Publicly available information (PAI) is drawn from relevant voices including hyper-local news, police and emergency services, transportation infrastructure, public utilities, government agencies and elected officials – from thousands of locations around the world and within the United States at the country, state, and city level. 

How It Works


Maintain global situational awareness of unfolding events anywhere in the world unbound by origin or language

Access content based on specific locations, topics, and voices for real-time insight into hyper-local events

Gain a more accurate and comprehensive perspective of the situation from diverse sources  

Trigger alerts on topics or activities of interest for impacted personnel or communities

View insights on dashboards for headquarters or on mobile devices for those in the field

Use Cases

Global Situational Awareness

Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief

Business Continuity

Executive & Employee Protection

Critical Infrastructure Protection