Babel BOX®

Transform customer data into a more powerful asset in a secure environment – indexed, enriched, and more searchable across the world’s languages.

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Why Babel BOX

Babel BOX empowers teams to fuse customer’s own proprietary data with Babel X-located, open-source information within the security of the customer’s virtual or on-premise private network.

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Babel BOX is a stand-alone software solution that is designed for scalability, performance and flexibility.

How It Works


Discover and decipher multilingual siloed, closed, classified, or private network content

Correlate or fuse sensitive data with publicly available data in secure environment 

Power your mission by integrating all available data on a single platform

Make search more powerful with indexed content

Enable customer AI/ML models with normalized, enriched data

Manage attribution and digital footprint

Operate effectively behind your firewall without accessing the internet

Use Cases

IP Protection

Fraud Detection

Criminal Investigations

Supply Chain Risk Management

Cyber Security